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Liftoff on 12 Rocketflite F50SS Silver Streak motors. The 25 foot exhaust plume was designed to resemble the Space Shuttle's
solid rocket boosters.

The Nighthawk flying on seven
Rocketflite F104SS

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Manufacturer of extremely high temperature and very reliable pyrogen kits and electric match wires for use by the Department of Defense, (CCR CAGE CODE: 30EM1) Hobby Rocket enthusiast, Fireworks Industry, Fire Suppression Industry, Lighting and Stage effect companies, Private Commercial Rocket companies, Labs and Universities.

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The HTMF-12 - is 12 inches long, made from 24 awg solid copper duplex wire with a partial strip at one end and a soldered bridge wire at the other end. ( We recommend using our MF-KIT to make these electric match wires into finished electric matches that can fire off with as little as 1.6 amps @ 1.5 volts DC.)


The FS-12-LA - measures only .038 inches in width and is small enough in diameter to fit many composite rocket motors ranging from D through G. We recommend the CF pyrogen kit be used with this igniter wire for making extremely reliable rocket motor igniters. The CF-KIT all fire rating is 2.5 amps @ 9 VDC. Click HERE for pictures and ordering information.

[NEW PRODUCT] ClusterFire (CF) Pyrogen Kit

The CF-KIT allows you to make extremely reliable low amp high temp (5400F) rocket motor igniters using our low amp MF series igniter wires in parallel. Requiring only 2.5 amps @ 9 volts DC you can now reliably launch rockets with up to 12 rocket motors at a time using most 12 volt powered launching systems capable of delivering 30 amps. The CF-KIT includes all the necessary pre-measured chemicals, mixing tools and instructions to make 40 grams (1.4 oz) of pyrogen. This is enough pyrogen to make 100's of FS-12-LA, MF-12, MF-24 or MF-48 igniters with no fold. Pyrogen, and thinner come sealed in glass lab grade bottles with thermoset PTFE lined caps for years of storage without worry of evaporation. To see a video of 60 MF-48 igniters being fired in parallel using our 24 volt 500 amp MagneBlaster click HERE.
Our Products: the HOTTEST electric match kits available on the market!

Igniters: ML Series (MagneLite)


Ematches: MF Series (MagFire)

  • Dip your own extremely reliable igniters.

  • Long hot burn at 5400F.

  • Burns in a zero vacuum

  • All-fire current 6 amps @ 12.0V DC.

  • Capable of firing AP engines from 29mm up to Q and beyond,
    and any BP engines.

  • Great for clusters when using a high current ignition system like the MagneBlaster


  • Pyrogen, and thinner come sealed in glass lab grade bottles with thermoset PTFE lined caps for years of storage without worry of evaporation.

  • Dip your own extremely reliable ematches.

  • Direct E-Match replacement.

  • Short hot burn at 5400F.

  • Great for ejection charges.

  • Great for use with most onboard altimeter or timer based ignition systems that use a 9 volt firing power source. NOTE: Capacitive discharge systems are not recommended. To view a list of firing devices that work with this product please visit our FAQ section.

  • All-fire current 1.6 amps @ 1.5V DC when used with our FS-12-LA, MF-12 or MF-24 igniter wires.


  • Pyrogen, sealer and thinner comes sealed in glass lab grade bottles with thermoset PTFE lined caps for years of storage without worry of evaporation.

Don't see what you need?
We can make custom electric match wires and pyrogen formulations to meet most requirements.
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